Diligent King’s Creative

New News –

Exhibition at Ugly Bread on the 17th went very smoothly, thank you Jade and all who went! Shouts to Austin, Mumtaz, Lauren, CeeCee and all whom were there!

Time& Date: 24th November All Day

Salt Box Acoustickle – 24th November – Interesting event, nice to see a mix of cultures and independent artists…Let’s go Nottingham!

Services & Contact

!Purchase Your Unique Artistic Gifts Today, perfect for Youngsters and aspiring artists!


What To expect in the near future??

Videos – of myself, J Pinnacle – Poetry, music and spoken word in future, And of other Artists Around the way!

Artwork – To look through and purchase, with sizes, formats and medium optional – hopefully colours styles and also personalized authentic work as a specialty too!

News and info updates of what’s good creatively, places as sources of inspiration and general outings to boost you up!

I hope to have a very unique tool on offer in future too!!

What we believe

Diligent King’s Creative is dedicated to creative work –>

Talent – “what we see as a treasure – specifically, our silver!”

–>from drawing/Artwork, to lyric writing, music production, music tracks, and  poetry! Of course Spoken Word will be in the channel too.

We believe that every individual has talents in there own unique way, to be embraced and Shared with society! Even if society does seem a bit odd sometimes, or all the time! (that could just be me :P)

“Mined for and then refined, molded and defined! Brilliance it what you shall find!” 

Sure our Silver can be developed in terms of skill, confidence and practice, shared and used to inspire whomever or whoever in some way, let them muse!

Whether your talent is to teach, sew, write, speak, draw or play sports.

It is a gift and deserves investment. These talents are a channel for you; to be handled at free will with all you can give.

Our Work And what We can do for You

T Shirt Designs and Logos + other desired medium for designs to be printed on.

Lyrics, Spoken word & Performances

Song Collaboration and Production

Paintings and Drawings

Diligent Kings Creative is dedicated to the ‘Silver Project’  right now… What’s to come…, where DKS will finally publish and display his talents in forms of music, poetry, artworks and lyrics. Including some collaborative works too!

For him, silver represents talent; a humble, excellently shiny and precious metal that is used as an appeasing display when molded into fabulously crafted ornaments and jewelry, it represents gift. He believes his talents are gifts.

Talent, the rising of J Pinnacle

*Project Silver?

Now, He aims to complete 5 of each art form, to then be displayed on this website for public viewing and sharing. This work has begun, and represents a creative journey through his life, venturing through styles, concepts and development of creative skill.

So Kindly, Stay Focal… People, goodness and soundly timed work in progression!

*(See link top line first para)

Please Enjoy.

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