Looking For Freedom

Looking for freedom; awake and dreaming, reaching peace with actions leading, performed closely to the firm expectation of ones spirit, resonating a power unsurpassed without even speaking.

Burning the vanity, and warring for identity.

Communicating good word and developing integrity.

Linking and linking, deeper and deeper, stronger and stronger, to pull me from the void in my soul, I call it the reaper.

On my feet, I have my vision, an ear to listen, learning how to understand because empathy can bring much light on difference,

as well as being used to conclude a wise decision, where if not, indifference could have made a painful incision.

My eye is on the present, and my eye is on the future, and my sixth sense is growing towards the revolution.

They, and all will be drawn to our power.

A power that oversee’s, knows how to respond when emotions are as rough as the sea of Hoces, a power that trusts in oneself you see.

Then  bring forth soundness and sturdiness, but reign down on op-posers, as though an asteroid belt had been whipped from Saturn’s waist, that came storming through the solar system, leaving the enemy in a dust of wishes



A life without trust is but dust, a life with trust is like forming gold out of dust.

Whilst lies cause image to rust, capitalists of creed have enough money to cover it up.

A man in his prime still bury’s his time, someone please let us know the value of life, because our souls are clockworks of emotion, poisoned by dark arrows, well who holds the antidote? I know it’s God, but men beg to differ, as a stubborn heart tends only to become stiffer.

So if truth is freedom, and our power is the key too speak out and hold down our values carrying out all actions to create places based on what we believe in, then bring those together who care, and pull down those who try to manipulatively contain us, then this belief can truly change us.

Freedom – J Pinnacle 30/10/2017 @ 00:59




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