I am superhuman, with super senses in my soul and mind,

armed with a demeanour to protect me from all the evil kinds,

equipped with an electrified pylon in my mind, that is my vibe…

what it emits for you people… is only reached if we are on an equal.

You can visualise the pulsating bolts of lighting sparking far and wide from the top to all sides of the hill, of course a baby blue sky and fur white clouds brushed in streaks

And so if you are struck, by this bolt

take every single piece of me I give,  And the power to do as You and Eye can do.

And do all you can, from the power I had, to do those things I never did.

Although armed with all this my soul still heavily cries

It seems no matter what is available on the outside for me to reach, I can never seem to numb the pain on the inside.

Because my soul and Spirit were once split.

And now there has been a gravitational shift, towards freedom from a world of being stiff, a balance to be reached!


I have been afraid of myself and too afraid to give.

For deep inside, nervous, and on the surface, my entity is afflicted, I spent day and night fighting my wicked side, emotionally hurting and mental friction making my silence overwhelmingly violent

Whatever this darkness is, it breaches my heart in a way no man can.

I want to spread love and peace, come tell me different if you please but my ears were not for you.

My ears were for these.


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