My Destiny is my only true calling,

I listen – when it is talking,

I learn and press on through the emotional scorch,

guided by a powerful torch.

Believing that I am the one to take those steps paved for me,

& no other man.

I can hear it calling me,

awaay from those dark and twisted alleys of distraction & confusion, towards my life and my futures destined fusion.

I believe in it.

It keeps me persisting, even,

when I persist to fall & stall.

Destiny brings me back to reality,

away from delusion & towards where I belong;

a place of light, of identity & of purpose.

A stronger belief, is growing in me,

funny how it all began…

as small,

as a mustard seed.

As my flow smoothens,

I become more & more intrigued as to where My DestinY will lead.

See. DestinY will never breath unless I chose to believe


So I Sow My seed.

And care for them – to grow, into fruitful luscious trees;

To have them be the source of oxygen That Yours and Mine dreams need to breathe.

And never forget the goal to bless others with your seed.

So let us see, from where and when my journey began…

Oh… Through to the joy and the pain,

As I press on against these bains,

Knowing I am yet to embrace the best of my days

…the triumph in my soul had already sang.

DestinY, is only in, the palm of my hands.



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