~Seated. Settled. Calm. Relaxed~

Please, if you may, press play, to enhance the experience of your reading.

There is nothing but a peacefully neutral voice to be heard.

One who cares and has conquered his nerves.

Whom wants to take life and learn, be who you are in earth, let passions yearn

but let anger be burnt.

Use your God given hands to take up and rule this earth.

So Speak to the hearts, lead your truest, it’s your destiny so do it.

Take up your box, and open it far , no need to sit upon it,

because you got it.

Now allow all your deepest fears to fall apart, and subside,

no space for the memories left in your mind, now open sails, sail sail sail wide,

reveal those blessings that you’re nursing inside,

as the trumpets blow, the tides are high,

and wash away all that has troubles your sides.

Spirit of my life is taking his strides

May your bow strike your chords as the heart of The Artist reaches the Lords.



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