The calm of being, Of not caring whose seeing,

But strolling and feeling, my peace is mysteriously revealing.

There is no need for unnecessary concealing,

when acceptance and forgiveness are keys to being.


Surroundings and places, life here is counting my paces,

Casually observing, smiling at faces, slowly planting my paces,

Wind and trees,

I feel the breeze, the air tasted clean,

and my senses are balanced, no worry of hazard.

My reassurances reside by a warmth who confirms deeply beneath, a warmth of just being,

From simply being.

Throughout my life,

I had lost so much sleep,

this evil had it’s hold upon me,

tossing and turning,

my mind thinking uncontrollably

Oh! How that trouble old mind that would frighten my heart,

yes, how I do wish at times to flee, what a painful reality.

Oh how it would distort the sway of my souls balanced metronome,

swinging so unnaturally from tone-to-tone such obtuse to skinny acute degrees,

however a steady sway when moments are a-lay, then let the music play,

forget your mind and follow I, my Spirit Says.



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