Open your heart it could save you,

Open your heart it would save you,

Open your heart it can save you,

Fools compete about who’s pain is worse,

The wise strive to solve and renew the look of pain your eyes,

into a soul of delight and prize,

Your smile, a reward for reaching into a soul to fend off the evil with your righteous sword.

Just help me to fight, I will help you to rise, Emotions are blown out of proportion,

but I still see you in my sight, however foggy, I believe I am right.

I just know our paths will take different courses, as long as our spirits applaud us and our souls adore us, let us sail on along this rougher courses with certainty and love aboard us, all aboard all aboard, soon you and I will reach peaceful and sunny shores!

So open your heart!

That we may fight as one though we are miles away, flowing down and conquering our own cascades, no longer will this rough course make us fray, that hope in your eyes took my despair away, expose what holds you back, in the midst of those jagged rocks you will not stay trapped, We have the force of gravity, pulling us to destiny, so in a moment you will look back, see those rocks and laugh as your waters lapse.

I wrote this poem because I loved the people I was with today ❤ Peace, love and Power!

J Pinnacle!



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