Against All Odds

Who said stop? Stop? Stop?

Stop For What? What ? What ?

We carry on on on

No beginning or no end, I can’t lie once upon a time, he fell from the sky,

turned the whole world red, resonates every bit of evil that he summons from his head,

he wants us all consumed by the world, then trapped in his kingdom once we’re dead

can’t forget, life is short and we’re destined to die, this is true, let’s not pretend

Wings on my soul Lord I know i’m so hooked, we got snatched out of neverland by captain hook, in vein, we sway, shed blood, Is it faith or a stroke of luck I have to fly,

I’m certain you heard all our cries, Seen through all my lies, there’s no hiding from your eyes

I lost my innocence the moment that I acted on rebellion

Didn’t want to listen i defied, I believed you were right, I craved what is wrong,

Sin felt good so to hell I held on, am I false about myself, can I trust that my imagination will become my strength.

Each and every day you are reminding to repent

help me take this stream, like a salmon up stream, battling the current,

pressures of the world, music and girls, drugs and curse words,

Defying all the odds, floating over evil,

Holding onto good like I should, like every other person understood,

Then answer me as to why if your so perfect, horns grew in the midst of a being so great,

how are you so strong and we all so weak, i feel to rely on nothing else but me,

we all feel doomed the world is looking bleak,

I want to look up, kill this evil holding me.

all I have to do is speak


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