As I consciously awaken,

from my dream,

I gently pull my curtain, eyes suddenly lit up, to what I have seen, staring through the screen.

Through my temporary windows, a bright white scene.

Where condensation collects and streams.

Carefully I wipe it clean, my eyes light up, to this wonderfully weightless stuff, as I stand there with my coffee cup.

Excited already from God in my dream, I eagerly look out, like a child no doubt, to explore what this may mean.

And so, I unlock the screen , no need for a key,

But a smile on my face to unlock the day,

So I took my first step,

into the falling white sky I stepped, feeling the crunch beneath, barely making out the green upon any leaf,

as I admired from right and left,

then back again,

and yes, of course you see,

I went for a walk, and did take my coffee mug with me.

God Bless you!

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