Poem – Heart’s Strings

Heart’s Strings.

Some will gently pluck,

Others, will brush by them, and only look,

Yes your heart strings will be plucked,


As your Spirit’s metronome perfectly sways.

Your strings may be played,

to war or to fight,

perhaps a harmony of peace… to share your light.

Oh your heart’s strings!

Some will tighten, whilst others will loosen,

Some will toughen, or those brutes may bruise them.

But in the end, be sure to befriend, those whom play such sweet melodies and harmonies, woven with empathy, possessing no intent of harming you or me, but plucking gently and honestly.

Look out, and be on gaurd, as the bad will try to saw through your heart, to gain control, for you…only to play their part, they may seem nice, but hide dark secrets inside, so my only advice, use the power, of your mind.

With arms open wide, on the other side,

Accept the good, they share your blood and will strengthen your heart, by plucking chords of courage.

Teaching you good things, that the lion in your heart may forget to roar, and begin to sing, grow your wings and fly with the wind.

You build your mind, and learn your heart, for if you do, you master your art.


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