I don’t trust my ego,

But I trust my soul,

Lead for my Destiny,

I watch it evolve,

Around 47 we revolve,

Orbiting the North east South west Poles,

Summoning the Shift,

Possessing what was Stole,

Resistance can’t get through to Shu

Because He to Cold,

…Can’t get through to you because you sold.

We are the no-ones that no one shall uphold.

All I must have is space, to Create.

… Surrounded by god’s face, by god’s face,

Statues pass-you, contagious Spirits caught you in the lassoo, …

To baddy you didn’t have the knowledge to let it pass-you.

Bless you my Youth, Why You Feeling So Blue?

Look for I, For I stay True to You


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