Lead the Way

Be Brave

Sometimes I absorb the pain,

Sometimes my heart will sway,

I don’t always have the words to say,

Like the winds I blow toward and away,

Aahh how sometimes I fray…

My mind wants to race,

Yet, it is my Soul who will stay in place,

I must be great!

You CANNOT be afraid!

Watch all of your fears wash away

And I shall rise to take the Sceptre

In his way,

You are Destined to be Great,

And your Brother’s…they will say,

‘You must lead the way,

For only you know, and we do not’.

So just promise me this:

That you’ll stay close, and ease my pain where no one knows,

Sometimes I am too embarrassed to let it show, where if you do…your courage shall glow,

Naturally you will let yourself flow,

And if you need to, you may ghost,

We are still here for you, believe me, us brothers know,

For I have been up the highs,

And down the lows,

Let’s take the skies,

With burning arrows,

From the hemisphere of my flesh, to the core of my marrow

May you join us, on this peaceful journey we go


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