You Are ‘The Tough Climber’ – Jordan

Reaching our Pinnacle

In life, as we know, there are consequences. And we alter our life’s possibilities and limitations by what we chose to do in the present (think, act, meditate, eat, talk, work, watch, learn and so on).

To get the most out of each moment, so that you can then give your best in each moment. We must be aware of

‘what we hold on to’

‘what we let go of’

And to which level of influence or gravitational pull we are attached to or drawn towards. Is it beneficial?

Does it bring goodness to me and others? My family friends and colleagues? How does it make me feel, do I want to adjust or let go?

These questions are good for you. You don’t even need to answer them all now, things will become clear when you are ready for them.

So now, to climb the next step, you let go of the support and grip you currently have, to hold the new grip, and stand on a new support. Tell me, how can you climb if you see what you need to let go of but resist?

Feel the resistance and except this is your current difficulty, and your awareness will make it easier for you to then let go, and climb. For better or for worse, as long as you learn.

Whether climbing back to where you where you came from, because it is not going so well, or you realise your choices are foolish and harming yo you and those in your space.

So by restarting, you see what you must do next, your perspective is enhanced, and you can climb again knowing more than what you did before! Wow! So don’t back down from the climb. You know even more about you and your journey, a couple of important living things that you have.

So will you find yourself an easier route?

Avoid unnecessary complications and difficulties?

For example, you know you want to pray, meditate, read, write, focus on you or family or a friend near by, but…you have a desire to watch a film, go shopping, listen to negative reasons why not to






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