Dual Justice

Take my rest and go to sleep, I dream  ‘taking charge of my dream’

So it seems from time to time I lose control, my opposition so afraid of me,

How can I continue to let it take it’s hold on me?

Take every chance to gain steady reign you see,

the power of a horse without a guide means a horse gonna live a mediocre life.

Ha what you don’t realise is me the one to be free, catching the tail of the cunning little fox,

no It can’t get me, you won’t catch me running, eyes all around i’m constantly summing, see through dark spaces , deceit and changing faces attempt to make we look the other way ha,

So you think you can hide?

No, your abstraction has not got me tricked, I fall for that?

Are you crazy?

Just face the truth and move.

no need to be lazy.. get some Vitamin D to your mind stop living all shady.

Pieces throw your pawns.. I see right through them, i’m white your black don’t mean we should fight, but there can only be one king on the chess board,  

so before I begin, surely I bless board, take your king to my side no movement.

I am the winner and there’s only one looser.


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