Rising Angel – 5/4/2019

Am I a fallen angel…Am I a Fallen Angel…AM I A FALLEN ANGEL?

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes,

transforming from Kane into Able,

the performance was strong, I received every piece of the hope and inspiration… as a bolt of lightning to my Soul like a song, I saw the flashes,

i’m here in a moment..then gone when it passes,

finding myself in the next.

Fully fledged i’m leaving the nest and pushing my way flying straight to the crest, if it wasn’t for kind people in this world…

Tell me whom would God even use to bless?

Tell me who would even be love enough to help me get out of this mess?

Be grateful when given, and joyful when giving, because someone may be at your side when your upside down in your life.

Author: Shu

Communication. Identity & Integrity. My aim is to simply be; DestinY will lead my ways into greater days, where goodness is shared and memorable moments are made, so I say...'let us venture on and see, to where we shall enter those future stages me, and what those occasions demand from we, much to learn and much to experience I see, life is a story for you and for me, Let us not get lost by hastily skipping our current page, all because we'd forsook our now for then instead, surely we'd end up lost because we did not patiently wait, giving in to our weaknesses and losing is not our fate, yet blessed we may become for making mistakes, the slow route we shall take, so slow down, give your best and surely, you shall be great!'

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