Shu – Wind, Air, Light

I, continue to Shu through the air,

Someone rare, unless your business and concerns are mine I can’t care,

Unusual stare, looks like you have caught something? maybe a fly in your hair…

…Move swift, Swish mystique, no intentional flair,

Bold eyes cold as ice, chilly winds followed by a warm front, dress warm, get a grip, felt a lift, society still has a chance, it’s our country!

How can we afford to let it slip – with the devil I don’t dance, against the world he goes unnoticed with an evil masterplan…

couldn’t trust, losing my soul over lust, fight myself phantom war under love, take a look, peek a glance, see my chance, feeling power in my hands.

Go build our blocks like Giza, Pyramidal, make a stance, what’s the plan, follow till time runs out of sand,

Fate knows it well, usage of our freee will he can tell, born as angels, innocents became tainted then we fell, jade stones encrusted in our eyes, enchanting our strides to the spiritual picture we be blind,

so tell me, what are YOU always keeping in your sights,

Tell me, Whose really on your side?

Author: Shu

Communication. Identity & Integrity. My aim is to simply be; DestinY will lead my ways into greater days, where goodness is shared and memorable moments are made, so I say...'let us venture on and see, to where we shall enter those future stages me, and what those occasions demand from we, much to learn and much to experience I see, life is a story for you and for me, Let us not get lost by hastily skipping our current page, all because we'd forsook our now for then instead, surely we'd end up lost because we did not patiently wait, giving in to our weaknesses and losing is not our fate, yet blessed we may become for making mistakes, the slow route we shall take, so slow down, give your best and surely, you shall be great!'

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