Diligent King


Peace – J – Pinnacle

The Peaceful Revolution by Art



Who are Diligent King Creative?

Diligent King are a revolutionary creative culture, encompassed around consciousness and true evolution of the human being.

Our Creative Outlets will be Music, Art, Literature (poetry & spoken word) and Fashion.

Each day, we, as a culture, are deepening our consciousness and one of our creative outlets.

We hope to evolve our life’s and our abilities to inspire those of others around us. The world has a thirst for conscious and compassionate examples.

All Credits to Amun Ra, as he shone his light and wisdom on this purpose to become believable and achievable. Although this is only the beginning.

He has collaboratively inspired primary ideas, logos (47) and music, yet above all, His consciousness and empathy towards us has changed our lives forever and will also continue too.

He is the Name to be aware of.

Many thanks also to Otis B, a legend in the making, one who brings joy and gladness, Malique, his vibrant and undying youthful energy, and B tone, his wisdom of life and pure sincerity makes him exemplary.

Be a aware of these names, and works to be posted on this site. Powerful and great works are too come.

I would also like to give a massive credit to Capitol Steez, the pro era and his martyred influence.

Peace & Love

Please be in touch if you wish.

The future is calling, yet the future is in this moment now.



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