Against All Odds

Who said stop? Stop? Stop?

Stop For What? What ? What ?

We carry on on on

No beginning or no end, I can’t lie once upon a time, he fell from the sky,

turned the whole world red, resonates every bit of evil that he summons from his head,

he wants us all consumed by the world, then trapped in his kingdom once we’re dead

can’t forget, life is short and we’re destined to die, this is true, let’s not pretend

Wings on my soul Lord I know i’m so hooked, we got snatched out of neverland by captain hook, in vein, we sway, shed blood, Is it faith or a stroke of luck I have to fly,

I’m certain you heard all our cries, Seen through all my lies, there’s no hiding from your eyes

I lost my innocence the moment that I acted on rebellion

Didn’t want to listen i defied, I believed you were right, I craved what is wrong,

Sin felt good so to hell I held on, am I false about myself, can I trust that my imagination will become my strength.

Each and every day you are reminding to repent

help me take this stream, like a salmon up stream, battling the current,

pressures of the world, music and girls, drugs and curse words,

Defying all the odds, floating over evil,

Holding onto good like I should, like every other person understood,

Then answer me as to why if your so perfect, horns grew in the midst of a being so great,

how are you so strong and we all so weak, i feel to rely on nothing else but me,

we all feel doomed the world is looking bleak,

I want to look up, kill this evil holding me.

all I have to do is speak



Open your heart it could save you,

Open your heart it would save you,

Open your heart it can save you,

Fools compete about who’s pain is worse,

The wise strive to solve and renew the look of pain your eyes,

into a soul of delight and prize,

Your smile, a reward for reaching into a soul to fend off the evil with your righteous sword.

Just help me to fight, I will help you to rise, Emotions are blown out of proportion,

but I still see you in my sight, however foggy, I believe I am right.

I just know our paths will take different courses, as long as our spirits applaud us and our souls adore us, let us sail on along this rougher courses with certainty and love aboard us, all aboard all aboard, soon you and I will reach peaceful and sunny shores!

So open your heart!

That we may fight as one though we are miles away, flowing down and conquering our own cascades, no longer will this rough course make us fray, that hope in your eyes took my despair away, expose what holds you back, in the midst of those jagged rocks you will not stay trapped, We have the force of gravity, pulling us to destiny, so in a moment you will look back, see those rocks and laugh as your waters lapse.

I wrote this poem because I loved the people I was with today ❤ Peace, love and Power!

J Pinnacle!




The calm of being, Of not caring whose seeing,

But strolling and feeling, my peace is mysteriously revealing.

There is no need for unnecessary concealing,

when acceptance and forgiveness are keys to being.


Surroundings and places, life here is counting my paces,

Casually observing, smiling at faces, slowly planting my paces,

Wind and trees,

I feel the breeze, the air tasted clean,

and my senses are balanced, no worry of hazard.

My reassurances reside by a warmth who confirms deeply beneath, a warmth of just being,

From simply being.

Throughout my life,

I had lost so much sleep,

this evil had it’s hold upon me,

tossing and turning,

my mind thinking uncontrollably

Oh! How that trouble old mind that would frighten my heart,

yes, how I do wish at times to flee, what a painful reality.

Oh how it would distort  the sway of my souls balanced metronome,

swinging so unnaturally from tone-to-tone such obtuse to skinny acute degrees,

however a steady sway when moments are a-lay, then let the music play,

forget your mind and follow I, my Spirit Says.



~Seated. Settled. Calm. Relaxed~

Please, if you may, press play, to enhance the experience of your reading.

There is nothing but a peacefully neutral voice to be heard.

One who cares and has conquered his nerves.

Whom wants to take life and learn, be who you are in earth, let passions yearn

but let anger be burnt.

Use your God given hands to take up and rule this earth.

So Speak to the hearts, lead your truest, it’s your destiny so do it.

Take up your box, and open it far , no need to sit upon it,

because you got it.

Now allow all your deepest fears to fall apart, and subside,

no space for the memories left in your mind, now open sails, sail sail sail wide,

reveal those blessings that you’re nursing inside,

as the trumpets blow, the tides are high,

and wash away all that has troubles your sides.

Spirit of my life is taking his strides

May your bow strike your chords as the heart of The Artist reaches the Lords.




My Destiny is my only true calling,  

I listen – when it is talking,

I learn and press on through the emotional scorch,

guided by a powerful torch.

Believing that I am the one to take those steps paved for me,

& no other man.

I can hear it calling me,

awaay from those dark and twisted alleys of distraction & confusion, towards my life and my futures destined fusion.

I believe in it.

It keeps me persisting, even,

when I persist to fall & stall.

Destiny brings me back to reality,

away from delusion &  towards where I belong;

place of light, of identity & of purpose. 

A stronger belief, is growing in me,

funny how it all began…

as small,

as a mustard seed.

As my flow smoothens,

I become more & more intrigued as to where My DestinY will lead.

See. DestinY will never breath unless I chose to believe


So I Sow My seed.

And care for them – to grow, into fruitful luscious trees;

To have them be the source of oxygen That Yours and Mine dreams need to breathe.

 And never forget the goal to bless others with your seed.

 So let us see, from where and when my journey began…

Oh… Through to the joy and the pain,

As I press on against these bains,

Knowing I am yet to embrace the best of my days

…the triumph in my soul had already sang.

DestinY, is only in, the palm of my hands.



47 – Balance

I am superhuman, with super senses in my soul and mind,

armed with a demeanour to protect me from all the evil kinds,

equipped with an electrified pylon in my mind, that is my vibe…

what it emits for you people… is only reached if we are on an equal.

You can visualise the pulsating bolts of lighting sparking far and wide from the top to all sides of the hill, of course a baby blue sky and fur white clouds brushed in streaks

And so if you are struck, by this bolt

take every single piece of me I give,  And the power to do as You and Eye can do.

And do all you can, from the power I had, to do those things I never did.

Although armed with all this my soul still heavily cries

It seems no matter what is available on the outside for me to reach, I can never seem to numb the pain on the inside.

Because my soul and Spirit were once split.

And now there has been a gravitational shift, towards freedom from a world of being stiff, a balance to be reached!


I have been afraid of myself and too afraid to give.

For deep inside, nervous, and on the surface, my entity is afflicted, I spent day and night fighting my wicked side, emotionally hurting and mental friction making my silence overwhelmingly violent

Whatever this darkness is, it breaches my heart in a way no man can.

I want to spread love and peace, come tell me different if you please but my ears were not for you.

My ears were for these.



Looking For Freedom

Looking for freedom; awake and dreaming, reaching peace with actions leading, performed closely to the firm expectation of ones spirit, resonating a power unsurpassed without even speaking.

Burning the vanity, and warring for identity.

Communicating good word and developing integrity.

Linking and linking, deeper and deeper, stronger and stronger, to pull me from the void in my soul, I call it the reaper.

On my feet, I have my vision, an ear to listen, learning how to understand because empathy can bring much light on difference,

as well as being used to conclude a wise decision, where if not, indifference could have made a painful incision.

My eye is on the present, and my eye is on the future, and my sixth sense is growing towards the revolution.

They, and all will be drawn to our power.

A power that oversee’s, knows how to respond when emotions are as rough as the sea of Hoces, a power that trusts in oneself you see.

Then  bring forth soundness and sturdiness, but reign down on op-posers, as though an asteroid belt had been whipped from Saturn’s waist, that came storming through the solar system, leaving the enemy in a dust of wishes



A life without trust is but dust, a life with trust is like forming gold out of dust.

Whilst lies cause image to rust, capitalists of creed have enough money to cover it up.

A man in his prime still bury’s his time, someone please let us know the value of life, because our souls are clockworks of emotion, poisoned by dark arrows, well who holds the antidote? I know it’s God, but men beg to differ, as a stubborn heart tends only to become stiffer.

So if truth is freedom, and our power is the key too speak out and hold down our values carrying out all actions to create places based on what we believe in, then bring those together who care, and pull down those who try to manipulatively contain us, then this belief can truly change us.

Freedom – J Pinnacle 30/10/2017 @ 00:59