Release , aalll – of – what – YOU, hold beneath.

Please, give your soul space enough to breath.

For unless you do?!

Your soul will remain dry…then what seed of His Destiny would ever even be planted in you?

Just imagine your rich green leaves,

plentifully fruits on your trees,

many blessed because you chose to act after taking heed!

So wash your soul,

let your soul dampen for that seed,

or else your trees may never be seen.

And all in good time,

express and be free,

so that you shall now.. and forever… Be free!

As you open your heart, you and your troubles may,


forever be apart.

Peace & Love, J – Pinnacle

Black dream White day

As I consciously awaken,

from my dream,

I gently pull my curtain, eyes suddenly lit up, to what I have seen, staring through the screen.

Through my temporary windows, a bright white scene.

Where condensation collects and streams.

Carefully I wipe it clean, my eyes light up, to this wonderfully weightless stuff, as I stand there with my coffee cup.

Excited already from God in my dream, I eagerly look out, like a child no doubt, to explore what this may mean.

And so, I unlock the screen , no need for a key,

But a smile on my face to unlock the day,

So I took my first step,

into the falling white sky I stepped, feeling the crunch beneath, barely making out the green upon any leaf,

as I admired from right and left,

then back again,

and yes, of course you see,

I went for a walk, and did take my coffee mug with me.

God Bless you!



Oh help me to press on, to forget the weights of yesterday, so that today, I may focus on making a new way, renew me, let me address whatever notifies or disturb my conscience, and do whatever I am required to this day, so I may have peace, and enjoy my day.

There fore hold your peace, tight to your soul, as you bravely proceed, on your way.

Against All Odds

Who said stop? Stop? Stop?

Stop For What? What ? What ?

We carry on on on

No beginning or no end, I can’t lie once upon a time, he fell from the sky,

turned the whole world red, resonates every bit of evil that he summons from his head,

he wants us all consumed by the world, then trapped in his kingdom once we’re dead

can’t forget, life is short and we’re destined to die, this is true, let’s not pretend

Wings on my soul Lord I know i’m so hooked, we got snatched out of neverland by captain hook, in vein, we sway, shed blood, Is it faith or a stroke of luck I have to fly,

I’m certain you heard all our cries, Seen through all my lies, there’s no hiding from your eyes

I lost my innocence the moment that I acted on rebellion

Didn’t want to listen i defied, I believed you were right, I craved what is wrong,

Sin felt good so to hell I held on, am I false about myself, can I trust that my imagination will become my strength.

Each and every day you are reminding to repent

help me take this stream, like a salmon up stream, battling the current,

pressures of the world, music and girls, drugs and curse words,

Defying all the odds, floating over evil,

Holding onto good like I should, like every other person understood,

Then answer me as to why if your so perfect, horns grew in the midst of a being so great,

how are you so strong and we all so weak, i feel to rely on nothing else but me,

we all feel doomed the world is looking bleak,

I want to look up, kill this evil holding me.

all I have to do is speak



Open your heart it could save you,

Open your heart it would save you,

Open your heart it can save you,

Fools compete about who’s pain is worse,

The wise strive to solve and renew the look of pain your eyes,

into a soul of delight and prize,

Your smile, a reward for reaching into a soul to fend off the evil with your righteous sword.

Just help me to fight, I will help you to rise, Emotions are blown out of proportion,

but I still see you in my sight, however foggy, I believe I am right.

I just know our paths will take different courses, as long as our spirits applaud us and our souls adore us, let us sail on along this rougher courses with certainty and love aboard us, all aboard all aboard, soon you and I will reach peaceful and sunny shores!

So open your heart!

That we may fight as one though we are miles away, flowing down and conquering our own cascades, no longer will this rough course make us fray, that hope in your eyes took my despair away, expose what holds you back, in the midst of those jagged rocks you will not stay trapped, We have the force of gravity, pulling us to destiny, so in a moment you will look back, see those rocks and laugh as your waters lapse.

I wrote this poem because I loved the people I was with today ❤ Peace, love and Power!

J Pinnacle!




The calm of being, Of not caring whose seeing,

But strolling and feeling, my peace is mysteriously revealing.

There is no need for unnecessary concealing,

when acceptance and forgiveness are keys to being.


Surroundings and places, life here is counting my paces,

Casually observing, smiling at faces, slowly planting my paces,

Wind and trees,

I feel the breeze, the air tasted clean,

and my senses are balanced, no worry of hazard.

My reassurances reside by a warmth who confirms deeply beneath, a warmth of just being,

From simply being.

Throughout my life,

I had lost so much sleep,

this evil had it’s hold upon me,

tossing and turning,

my mind thinking uncontrollably

Oh! How that trouble old mind that would frighten my heart,

yes, how I do wish at times to flee, what a painful reality.

Oh how it would distort the sway of my souls balanced metronome,

swinging so unnaturally from tone-to-tone such obtuse to skinny acute degrees,

however a steady sway when moments are a-lay, then let the music play,

forget your mind and follow I, my Spirit Says.