Diligent King Photography & Design

For You and for us, Art represents an expression.

Credit and Blessings to B.T and J.W for musing a section of this work.

‘ I must be emptied and have space to create’

Sphere of the Lion

‘Assertive, Protective and Powerful’



Take Flight

‘Fun, Adventurous, Unique and Lively’



Power, Protection, Balance and Peace

Let the being of your existence be allowed to form your life; friends, family, choices, wealth and health. The ideals and powers are here, now we must form what Destiny asks of us, so let us form our selves and lives in line as a preparation for what’s to come.

Peace Power Balance Protection


Power, Peace and Balance

With a freed mind and an easy heart, accompanied with true and good intentions, the action of creation will be pure, inspiring and moving for other souls alike.

Project your idea into reality.

Peace Power Balance – Masculine

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