So the mind works with the heart to attatch you to the world of form; your senses and material things. These things are finite.

However your Soul and Spirit are formless, they are infinite and surpass all power of form and ego once sourced and channeled consistently at a high capacity.

You climb a new pinnacle, unlock a higher source ( level of consciousness) then you sail down (enjoy riding down this new source).

Then you climb the next pinnacle, and so on, each one is different, maybe shorter but steeper, maybe taller but more shallow and a longer journey.

Either endurance, a sprint, or somewhere in between. It can depend on the intensity of meditation required.

Normally you must be becoming aware of deeper more unconscious inner situations or that of other people, or if you are patiently waiting for an answer or an idea solution etc, it will come, do not be frustrated.

Use the frustrations as signs that you are getting closer to the pinnacle, and the darkness is trying to blockade you from it.

You will get there.