Take my rest and go to sleep, I dream  ‘taking charge of my dream’

So it seems from time to time I lose control, my opposition so afraid of me,

How can I continue to let it take it’s hold on me?

Take every chance to gain steady reign you see,

the power of a horse without a guide means a horse gonna live a mediocre life.

Ha what you don’t realise is me the one to be free, catching the tail of the cunning little fox,

no It can’t get me, you won’t catch me running, eyes all around i’m constantly summing, see through dark spaces , deceit and changing faces attempt to make we look the other way ha,

So you think you can hide?

No, your abstraction has not got me tricked, I fall for that?

Are you crazy?

Just face the truth and move.

no need to be lazy.. get some Vitamin D to your mind stop living all shady.

Pieces throw your pawns.. I see right through them, i’m white your black don’t mean we should fight, but there can only be one king on the chess board,  

so before I begin, surely I bless board, take your king to my side no movement.

I am the winner and there’s only one looser.

Next, Next, Nex.…’
‘Now, Now, Now’!.
As you know keep observing,
As you will,
Be always learning,

Be always up

As you won’t, be wasting life,
With idols and celebrities,

emptyness cannot be filled with videos or drugs, please,
Remain with what you have,
By all means search deeper,
Because it is all you have

The Egyptian God’s of 5000bc are a spiritual and metaphorical prophecy for chosen people in these last days. These people have the same gift as many, but have much more sensitivity, depth and reach of power with their gift.

Which is why they seem like ‘Gods’ because there supernatural gifts and presence causes them to stand out beyond the rest.
Now, there are good and evil God’s , the evil god’s are false prophets, the good god’s are the latter day saints whom will be the pinnacles of light and of wisdom after the rapture, as a last chance to die in Jesus name to go to heaven.
Time is short, but will not close until certain events and prophesies have been fulfilled in both the plans of good and evil.

Peace and Love

Reaching our Pinnacle

In life, as we know, there are consequences. And we alter our life’s possibilities and limitations by what we chose to do in the present (think, act, meditate, eat, talk, work, watch, learn and so on).

To get the most out of each moment, so that you can then give your best in each moment. We must be aware of

‘what we hold on to’

‘what we let go of’

And to which level of influence or gravitational pull we are attached to or drawn towards. Is it beneficial?

Does it bring goodness to me and others? My family friends and colleagues? How does it make me feel, do I want to adjust or let go?

These questions are good for you. You don’t even need to answer them all now, things will become clear when you are ready for them.

So now, to climb the next step, you let go of the support and grip you currently have, to hold the new grip, and stand on a new support. Tell me, how can you climb if you see what you need to let go of but resist?

Feel the resistance and except this is your current difficulty, and your awareness will make it easier for you to then let go, and climb. For better or for worse, as long as you learn.

Whether climbing back to where you where you came from, because it is not going so well, or you realise your choices are foolish and harming yo you and those in your space.

So by restarting, you see what you must do next, your perspective is enhanced, and you can climb again knowing more than what you did before! Wow! So don’t back down from the climb. You know even more about you and your journey, a couple of important living things that you have.

So will you find yourself an easier route?

Avoid unnecessary complications and difficulties?

For example, you know you want to pray, meditate, read, write, focus on you or family or a friend near by, but…you have a desire to watch a film, go shopping, listen to negative reasons why not to





Meditation is extremely vital
You begin to lose balance and composure without it so you must always feed your soul with the reality of life otherwise the facade of evil will blur and distort your reality –
This involves your thoughts and emotions.

Talk less and remain focused otherwise fall victim to the darkness, it is impossible to succumb, but possible to be eaten alive by it.

Therefore you must be disciplined otherwise you lose you place in this destiny, and no one can take your place.

Because people disobey there destiny, many others struggle, there becomes complications, misfortune, pain and struggle.
Because one man’s goal costs another man’s soul.
An one man’s soul is immortal


Seated, settled, Calm and Composed,

Only a neutral,


And all disclosed,


of voice to be heard.

So speak to the hearts,

May your Peace be as a soothing harp,

To grant them long awaited freedom,

From the pain and greivence,

Of life without meaning.

You waited patiently,

Even long enough,

we know your road was tough,

After running aimlessly to and frow,

Which pinnacle but your own to climb, You didn’t know,

You didn’t know,

So confused your heart was bruised,

From one end to the other left you hanging loose.

Yet you would soon find a balance.

A divine responsibility, with no ego involved otherwise your purpose would quickly dissolve.

Now, be humble, and keep on climbing,

These situations you will resolve,

And there will be change as you evolve,

Because your voice will stir through the valleys,

and empty the caves,

Causing those whom sleep to awaken earlier than late,

by the crack and flash of your lightning phase


May your bow strike your strings,

The Chords of truth

As the Soul of An Artist Sings

No where to be, and no where to go, only emotions and troubles of the mind to unload.

Afraid to let them show, hard to let them go, but all will be fine

Because you are destined to grow,

And to learn from the highs and lows

And so,

My heart and mind run wild, lost killers of the soul – the darkness took over.

My strength uphold, because once again, I will evolve.

Yours Sincerely


Be Brave

Sometimes I absorb the pain,

Sometimes my heart will sway,

I don’t always have the words to say,

Like the winds I blow toward and away,

Aahh how sometimes I fray…

My mind wants to race,

Yet, it is my Soul who will stay in place,

I must be great!

You CANNOT be afraid!

Watch all of your fears wash away

And I shall rise to take the Sceptre

In his way,

You are Destined to be Great,

And your Brother’s…they will say,

‘You must lead the way,

For only you know, and we do not’.

So just promise me this:

That you’ll stay close, and ease my pain where no one knows,

Sometimes I am too embarrassed to let it show, where if you do…your courage shall glow,

Naturally you will let yourself flow,

And if you need to, you may ghost,

We are still here for you, believe me, us brothers know,

For I have been up the highs,

And down the lows,

Let’s take the skies,

With burning arrows,

From the hemisphere of my flesh, to the core of my marrow

May you join us, on this peaceful journey we go


It goes without saying

When situations keep playing

Silence and observation

Your Soul will call when you make involvement

Do not allow frustration and emotions to ruin your placement

Because if we all have patience

We may save our nation

From these things you must detach

Otherwise they will continue to attack

Never feel guilty for how you feel

Whether good or bad

Embrace it

Because it is real

Pushing it down will only cause more friction

Hoping for the day to free when you must make changes now is hopeless wishing

You have the capability and ability

So detach so that you can attatch

To your Destiny

Put your mind aside

Forget about time and everything in life

Feel your soul lift up to the skies

You have no reason to hide

Not from yourself or anybody else

This is your life,

So claim it

‘take the bull by the horns’

And for certain you will conquer yourself