I was feeling deep in something, whole body tingling,

I know it wasn’t nothing.

To me it seems a mystery, pouring out this concoction of darkness, to the abyss with my hardened heartiness.

How do I kill this leech, poison has a hold on on me, I felt to anxious too yet somehow I know it is true for me.

I’m searching for my peace, I’m seeking for my peace, an eternity of peace.

the world

the world is a lie, run by demons, whom before they were transformed into their evil entity by the darkness they became, were angels, and knew much deeper than we could ever know, about creation and how god operates and acts.

they have seen the thoughts, desires and lusts of man since the beginning of our time. they work in the spiritual world, and influence men through unconsciousness and even consciousness. they work with temptation, they know how to work against our weakness and lusts to make us fall and lead others around us into a similar and even darker state of mind, whilst making us think its okay because we feel the riches of pleasure, their frequencies are nets and seas of sin that spiritually sway and influence the whole world.

So as we blindly accuse the elites, or so called illuminate and everyone else for hurt and wrong doing, we forget the spiritual master minds that are at large with a vengeance and hatred that costs trillions of lives throughout mankind’s history beyond our own eyesight. and the power they hold against those whom choose to live in sin. for it is sin that created the devil himself, and the same sin that brought him down, is the sin that brings our race down.

And do you not think, that a world without demons would be a world without angels also?

I tell you if there are demons in this world there are also angels, if there is an evil ruler, there is also a good ruler in the spiritual world that you may call upon for protection and guidance in mans step that are contrary to the plans of evil, if you ask god i’m certain with truest and humblest desire he will present his holy angels to go before you and guide your spirit against the lustful whims of your heart? is it not?

if we do sin, then why must god help us, unless we recognise our wrong and then ask him for help, for he serves no one who does not respect his principals and laws.

Would you expect the government to have granted guy falks a free meal and accommodation for a year and a top parliamentary job for committing acts of treason and terrorism?

and we think we have power and strength without gods aid? when these demons, they have lived longer than the stars, once pure and good ..-.. now rotten and evil, with knowledge and practice of immoral principal, and knowledge but no practice of good principal?

is it not too easy for them to trap man who has no protection of god himself?

the answer is before your own eyes, is it not?

to outwit the devil without god is like a man stranded in the dessert threatening nature that he will cause its destruction lest it brings the rain.

Yet a man to outwit the devil with god’s power and faith is like a man in the dessert praying sincerely for rain and thanking god before the rain even comes. then he may enjoy an abundance and find civilization and tell of this miracle.


Feed your Soul

You were born to win, you were born a Victor,
Take the best with you after you have listened,

You were born kinetic your moving with the bigger picture,
Collecting knowledge and wisdom to create a new system,

each day you paint and make a way, so that we have a peace of mind for our futures when we lay awake.
Stay focal to the dream don’t stray away, because we are here, and built in our blood is this mission.

the past and worries of the future are destroyed at a stronger rictor,

tear up the bad you don’t want in your picture,

I refuse to fail, I am made to win

yes your the focal of a global earthquake,

you will prevail,

leading them to set sail,

until we die the chosen ones we will awake,

Don’t ask me who picked ya,

stay woke and see the bigger picture.

For the Victory is yours and mine,

mine and yours, yours and mine to take