Our Foundation and Policy

Identity – you are who you are, accept it and live it.

Integrity – remain as who you are and do what is right, whatever the circumstances.

Communication – love, expressions knowledge & information, are collectively vital to keep you in tune with the right people.

Chi Does & Don’t s


-Be certain when making choices, help is always available, so ask

-what you said you would, or hold your tongue and say nada

-think about the most important people in your life

-give yourself due space & time, ask yourself how? Or be silent & lead your mind to your inner body (soul)

-use free moments to; do what you love or must do, or must see

-focus on you, progression and completion (evolution)

-be wise, gaurd your heart, save money, know your environments, be aware of people, who is & who isn’t


– Think too much



-reach un-necessarily

-avoid communicating or facing your fears

-miss prioritize

-give your heart to heartless people

-try & be something you are not

Keep yourself a level head, let your soul shine out all negativity…opinions and arguements are worthless most of the time.

Avoid being attached to the material and emotional world.

As Bob Marley said

Don’t worry, about-a-ting, because everything little-ting, is gonna BE ALRIGHT