Your Gift, Your Dream –

If it is your gift then receive it, If it is your faith then believe it, If you know that it will be hard then accept that it isn’t easy, The Journey is long and the battle Hard, And so the Greater it Shall be once you receive your rewards.

Let the moment be completely cherished when you Achieve it, This is your future, so speak it, It is your dream, so conceive it!

Heart Strings – 27/3/2019

Heart Strings…Some will Gently pluck, others, will brush by them, yes your heart strings.

Those Can be played to war and to fight, or for harmony and peace.

Be aware, because some will tighten your heart strings, others will loosen,

some will toughen, others will bruise them…

However, be wise to befriend those of whom play melodies and harmonies, honestly with no intent to cause harm to thee.

The tainted ones will saw your strings and manipulate for selfish reason, The good will strengthen your strings.

Whilst YOU, Must build your mind and learn your heart.

Because they know the game to have your heart; hypnotize you into playing their part, from those kinds, you must part.

For they know the game to have your heart, they posses those eyes and have that sly but convincing voice, you can here there egos making such foul noise.

Oh these things all pull my strings, But your heart, must be made wholesome white and sing.

Circumstances – 27/03/2019

I have…No food no money only family for a while, whom I will cherish until my last breath, then leave this earth in style, then somehow provide all there need like the river Nile.

Days of solace strolling seas of pavements, i’m a partner to my steps, was drugged up talking wash but all for what? Some social statement, come on..what’s next?

I knew at some point this all had to stop. I had, no food no money had to sell my watch, Now I’m finding truth and love in having having little, yet surely soon we will have lots, of what, who knows what.

I need, accounts and papers 1st, feeling like a phantom citizen, I found a way to happy when life got worse; no I.D for my name and face, my currency is arctic, I feel pain in this heart though it’s brazen.

My Conscience says stay firm and amaze them.

Give the messages to our people on stages, let our love run warm, i’m always braced for a storm, slammed the windscreen somersaulted over the car still kept my form, need to make money, was comfy at home, too unruly, I stood up and walked.

Take no break or I fall, have to work hard til’ i ball, full court, Lakers,

I vow the system will not take us, Give my all til’ i’m standing tall, nah, the system will not take us.

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