Grand Central City

The orange morning sun, beams over the bright blue sky, not a cloud in sight. Vast fields and emarald coloured forests can be seen all around the plain of the land. Mountain ranges summoned by the skies are seen far and wide, scattered around the fields and emerald forests. And so the sun glimmers on the snow capped peaks…steadily beginning to pervade through the towering Shiny skyscrapers of Grand Central City.

He rolls graciously up the eastern bank of the table top hill every morning, a single cloud never blocks or shadows His rays. Collosal brown and grey rock protrude out of the earth, giving life to hundreds of thousands of royal red & purple flowers… raising a perfectly flat and cylindrical 4kmx4km platform. The high hill itself is castled by a majestic city, a glorious sight to most beholders, surrounded by high granite walls, all perfectly cuts and smoothed by skilled hands; quarried south of the ‘Nest Peak’ A north facing horseshoe mountain range, 10 miles directly north of the city also. Grand Central City is a place of principal, love, peace and unmatchable power. Every other region and City across the crest Land adornes and adheres to the very presence of this almighty place.

And so the tips of the towering skyscrapers, every silver like window tinted perfectly to safely shade any inhabitants, in the rising sun are completed by a golden glow on the pyramidal peaks; reflecting their very powerful and blazing essence with the Sun. Some Towers exceeding 500 metres tall.

Every soul in the city glows with a true and sincere radiance.

Next to be seen are the Flashy grand hotels, staged in height order as though an amphitheatre styled layout around the grand central park ‘Plaza park Gold’, all crowned with their stylish signatures, the way the Hollywood sign is, but much more sleek. Of course.

The owners provide a hospitality worthy of Gods and Kings Alike, not to mention the feeling of complete ease in one’s heart the moment one steps into the grand golden lined foyers, each hotel pillared by 7 individually artisan crafted pillars stood proudly in each foyer, all twirling skywards, imagine a milky way being stretched into a spiral across the space of the universe.

Including all the dark infinite colours and speckled with lights and swirling structured systems spinning around the solar centre, Amun’s Star.

When one walks in, the astonishment can cause one to faint, overwhelmed by such beauty and unimaginably diligently crafted designs and structures.

The floors drenched with universal energy, a plethora of space designed by the city’s leading space artists, that is a real-time moving design of Ra’s Square of the universe.

Most importantly, the church spires, these pinnacles flame like golden darts, a heavenly reflection of the Great Sun. All Spires are mirrored to the midnight milky ways, the cosmic family. Positioned by ancient stargazers partnered with the greatest mathematicians by King Azulious 6 billion light years ago. A mysteriously enchanting view, by day or by night.

Every high rise building is lifted by a purpose of principal. The seven principles of the Sun: thus there are only seven Churches that form a perfect heptagon at the 7 passageways into the centre.








These 7 Principals support all the banks, business owners, social enterprise, leaders, bosses, workers, creatives and artists alike, everything is run to the T, so to speak. #